As a professional truck driver, your Commercial Driving License (CDL) is the most important tool you need. Truck drivers are responsible for faulty vehicles, poor-quality maintenance, careless driving behavior. You may also be held liable for questionable business practices by the shipping company you work for. This could result in you accumulating points on your CDL and potentially having it revoked. How can you protect your CDL?


It’s hard to avoid the pitfalls when you don’t even know what they are. Check out the violations that can add points to your CDL. Some violations include faulty headlights, speeding tickets, overweight, exceeding the recommended height and length, expired documents, errors in the log book, and more. CDL scores are recorded for 3 years for minor violations and up to 10 years for serious violations such as DUI. The more points you score, the more likely you are to receive disqualification or license revocation. Be aware that a commercial driver’s driving history follows him even to other states and may result in disqualification later. Protect your CDL by driving responsibly and fixing violations before you hit the road.


In some cases, it is possible to fight your tickets instead of accepting them. Tickets will register points on your CDL. If you can dispute the ticket and write it off, it’s worth the legal fees. At BKS Group, we have Legal Support service for every driver. In the event of you getting a ticket, you will have a lawyer who will represent you at the court.


You can operate your rig for more than 10 hours a day, but that doesn’t make you a truck expert. The circle check that you do every 24 hours is just a sight and sound check. It assumes that this is a regularly serviced and maintained truck. Be sure to report any issues you find during your review. If you are in doubt about the roadworthiness of your truck, do not drive. In the event of an accident, you will be held liable for driving the faulty vehicle.


Keep repair and towing information handy. You never know when a breakdown is likely to occur and you may need a truck breakdown service. Make sure the repair shop has a mobile unit that can send someone to you.

That is all, keep safe!

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