TESLA AND TECHNOKING ELON MUSK MIGHT get all the attention for the all-electric Tesla Semi, but they’re far from the only manufacturer looking to make big rigs go electric. Freightliner, the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer in America, is hard at work testing trucks with actual customers — with Tesla still stuck on the test track. WHAT’S NEW — Freightliner […]

Heavy Duty Truck Emission Standards

The EPA has been regulating vapors and fumes vehicles give off since the mid-1970s. Better air quality and improved health for U.S. citizens is the goal. In 2004, the agency set down new rules for heavy duty truck emission standards. They gave truck makers the next 6 years to apply them. As of 2010, 100% […]

How to File Your IFTA?

What is IFTA and how to file it? The following information is required to complete your tax return Total miles Total gallons Average fleet mpg How to complete a tax return online                                            Customer log in/ Enter the system Enter your customer number and pin number. (This can be found on your most recent statement from the […]

3 Smart Ways to Protect Your CDL

As a professional truck driver, your Commercial Driving License (CDL) is the most important tool you need. Truck drivers are responsible for faulty vehicles, poor-quality maintenance, careless driving behavior. You may also be held liable for questionable business practices by the shipping company you work for. This could result in you accumulating points on your […]